The Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Crime Victim Assistance Program provides valuable support to victims impacted by violent crime in the province of British Columbia.  One of the benefits available is professional counseling assist in the  recovery from emotional and psychological injuries.  There is a 12-month deadline to apply for counseling benefits from the date the crime occurred if it is an assault, spousal violence, or  similar traumatic incident. It is not necessary to have filed a police report or for criminal charges to have resulted in order to apply for CVAP benefits.  Immediate family members of an injured or deceased victim, as well as witnesses to the crime, may also apply for counseling support.

The one-year time limit does not apply if the applicant is a minor (under 19 years of age) or the victim of a sexual offence.  Survivors of historical sexual abuse or sexual assaults do not have to submit a CVAP application within twelve months, and may be able to receive counseling many years after the crime occurred if there is sufficient support for their claim.



I am a registered counselor with the CVAP program, and I will help you apply for benefits if you believe you are eligible.  Providing information about the crime can be re-traumatizing, and it can be helpful to have the emotional support of a victim services worker or counselor to facilitate the process.  My years of experience as a Community-based Victim Services Worker can help you to successfully navigate the beginning of your healing journey.

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