Trauma Therapy

Advances in neuroscience are confirming that experiences of trauma result in overwhelming dysregulation of the nervous system....

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Abuse Recovery

Both the perpetrator and the victim are harmed by the shame, isolation, and damage to self-worth that abuse generates.

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Support Group

Therapeutic Support Groups

Relationships can be both a place of wounding and of healing.  Often as a result of attachment ruptures, we will develop layers of protection ...

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Sad Couple Sitting On Couch After Having Quarrel
Couples Therapy

 If you are experiencing dissatisfaction or open conflict in your relationship, difficulties over different parenting styles, or the destructiveness of lies and betrayal, couples therapy may be the answer. 

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Anxiety Treatment

Everyday worries can turn into debilitating anxiety when the stress-response can't be turned off...

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Sure, most of us feel sad, lonely, or depressed at times. And feeling depressed is a normal reaction to loss ...

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